Greater Than Our Past and Shame

Greater than Our Past and Shame

A lot of young men and women delay in fulfilling or decline to fulfill their calling and ministry because of one common thing: feeling condemned, worthless, and useless. They believe that they are not “the perfect man/woman of God” they think God looks for to use for His glory.

I used to believe that God made me as His masterpiece (Ephesians 2:10) – but I screwed things up as I do life. There had been a lot of “ifs”. If only I didn’t experience that, do that, or choose that, maybe I could tell a better story, lead His people, and speak of Him more boldly. I unconsciously disbelieved, that He wonderfully made me and has a purpose for me. Nope. Too late, Lord. Damage had been done. No way to fix it, therefore no way I can be of any good for You, Your Kingdom, and Your people. This was before I realized that with God, it had never been about what I do and did. It has always been about His words, which construct, shape, and define me. God publicly declared in the Bible, which billions of people read, we were made as His masterpiece and we still are, regardless of what we did and what life brought to us.